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Crowdfunding Crises Offer Communication Case Studies

An introduction to an exploration of crisis communication responses to crowdfunding crises

Why is everyone talking about Snapchat?

Veterans’ Day 2016

Video Pro Secret - Sound Quality

Video Pro Secret #2: Sound quality is even more important than video quality

GUEST POST 2nd Installment By Jay Carter, Beyond Measure Media This post is borrowed from Last time, we explored why the story your video tells is so important, and how a great video will always pass the “I Should Certainly Hope So” test. Today, we reveal the Secret #2: Sound quality. While video quality can […]

Pro videos

Does Your Video Pass the “I Should Certainly Hope So” Test?

GUEST POST By Jay Carter, Beyond Measure Media This post is borrowed from I have to admit, I was a little nervous when the team at AM:PM PR asked us to come into their office to present our “pro secrets for making powerful videos.” As a video production professional, the truth is, I was afraid […]

Michele Kim Carter and Jay Carter on Great Day Houston

August Speakeasy: Pro Secrets for Making Powerful Videos

Having just one video about your business or organization isn’t enough any more. Now you need a series. At our next two Speakeasy events, get tips from the team at Beyond Measure Media. Jay and Michele Pro secrets for powerful videos by Beyond Measure MediaCarter are award-winning video producers that specialize in telling documentary-style “stories from the heart” for businesses and nonprofits.

trump entrance

Is Trump’s communication team unethical, incompetent or clever?

(originally drafted 7/19/16) As I watched the furor over Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech Tuesday, I found myself pondering how I’d respond as a communication professional, were I employed by the Trump campaign. It’s a complicated scenario to imagine because there’s a thoughtful crisis communication-oriented response, and there’s an opportunistic publicity-oriented response. Both responses serve a valuable […]

Renowned Irish Songwriter Visits Portland

We’re delighted to host Irish songwriter Mark Geary on May 18th for a “Living Room” concert in AM:PM PR’s living room, located at 2006 SE Clinton.

Tesla preso chart spike

Will Tesla Become a Victim of Its Own Success?

Tesla’s communication team would be wise to anticipate and prepare for potential PR challenges caused by missing delivery deadlines to customers.

Easter Rising commemoration Portland

Easter Rising Speakeasy – Rising for Revolution and Irish Coffee

It’s been a busy year for AM:PM PR and we missed our own annual St. Patrick’s Day gathering. To make up for it, we’re hosting a uniquely Irish Speakeasy. We’re organizing a special commemoration of a pivotal historical event for the Irish – the 100-year anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916. We’ll be offering Pat’s […]