Morgan Holm Share’s What’s New in Public Broadcasting


morgan holm OPB

Photo Credit: Deston Nokes

Earlier this month AM:PM PR hosted a dozen guests for an evening with OPB’s Chief Content Officer and Senior VP Morgan Holm (Twitter: @morganatopb). The event was part of our new Speakeasy series where we invite industry thought leaders to our office to discuss their latest projects, or trends in their industry. Morgan shared OPB’s latest plans for expansion and led a spirited discussion about the evolution of public broadcasting, with an intriguing behind-the-scenes look at the production of a recent (and popular) feature story about glacier caves at Mt. Hood.

After receiving a tip about an expansive ice cave network on the west side of the mountain, Morgan explained that the team at OPB immediately realized the story was a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture these rapidly shrinking natural wonders. OPB mobilized a massive operation involving key staff members from their website, radio and TV departments (even grabbing key staff from Seattle) for an unprecedented feature story. Their efforts were rewarded when the project received tremendous positive viewer feedback and interest from across the country. The program was picked up by other NPR programs including The Takeaway, based out of Boston.

If you haven’t seen the Glacier Caves story, check it out here:

With the addition of a new Vancouver, Washington bureau, 2014 will be another great year for programming at OPB and we are thrilled to continue being proud OPB supporters.

2014 will also be a great year for AM:PM PR and we’re looking forward to more unique programming of our own. If you’d like to join us at our next Speakeasy, we’re inviting University of Oregon professor Kelli Matthews on February 6th to share the findings of a research project she’s been involved with on millennials who work at PR agencies. The study focused on how millennials see ethics, company culture and organizational relationships. She’ll also talk about what she is seeing now in her current crop of students, how they see the industry and what social networks they are most interested in. Contact mike (at) ampmpr (dot) com to RSVP.

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