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You: A store or business with multiple locations, or a manufacturer of consumer products. You’re a maker of fine fashions for the discerning palate, a chain of convenience stores or a bottler of tasty beverages. You want to ramp up your engagement on social networks while earning coverage from bloggers and traditional media for your newsworthy accomplishments. You feel the desire to generate your own buzz with attention-grabbing blog posts of your own, but need a little help getting there. Fortunately, you’re also thinking longterm, and you’re smart enough to know that bringing a strategic perspective to bear on your plans for the future is an absolute necessity for taking the best next steps.

Us: Like the Sly and the Family Stone song, we want to take you higher. Not only can we coach you to become the master of your own social media destiny if that’s what you so desire, but we can manage your account for you and help you to find your voice. We’ll write press releases and reach out to local media both traditional and digital. We’ll make you feel so bold and adventurous when it comes to blogging that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without blogging before. Most importantly, we’ll be a part of your team, injecting every step you take with a frame of mind that can only be attained by looking at your future from all angles and plotting a strategic course forward. We are your captain, your steward and your loyal first mate all rolled into one saucy nautical metaphor.