1x1.trans | You: Refuse to be boxed in, no matter how roomy or luxurious the box. You can and do go your own way, and your communications needs are no exception. Nobody knows your company’s needs better than you do, and you want a partner who can work with you to tailor a service package to fit you like a fine Italian suit – or a track suit and sandals, if that’s what you’re into. In fact, your individualistic streak runs so deep that we won’t even try to describe you anymore. Read about us, peruse our services and tell us how we can best partner with you to make sure your needs are met.

Us: Whatever you need us to be. Like you, we’re a team of individuals – seasoned PR professionals, computer geeks, journalists, fashionistas and family men and women. Fortunately, our experience is vast enough to be able to help you however you need it. We’re tailors with measuring tape at the ready. Step into our world and let us make you look fabulous, whatever your style.