1x1.trans | You: Large, in charge. You’re a company whose business doesn’t stop for borders or time zones. You’re steadily growing and need a public relations partner who will not just keep up with you but anticipate your ever-expanding needs. On the other hand, you realize that today’s communications climate requires that your consumers not feel like numbers. You want to engage them on their turf and listen as much as you lead the conversation. To put it bluntly, you want it all, and you’re prescient enough to realize the value of having a comprehensive strategy that reaches out across all possible channels. You plan like you’ve got an open road, prepare for a traffic jam and demand a companion in business who can suggest the best possible route to get you to your destination ahead of schedule.

Us: Your high-powered, time-traveling, destiny-fulfilling GPS unit. We’ve got a rare combination of experience in strategic planning, integrated engagement, traditional and social media, crisis communications, blogging, corporate responsibility, media training and website content creation. We become an arm of your business, acting not just as communicators but as advisors and collaborators. We keep our eyes to the horizon, see trends coming down the pipeline and make sure your company keeps up with the early adopters on the channels that fit its needs. We’re wisdom humbled by youth and trendsetters tempered by the kind of perspective that can’t be bought, but only earned through years of experience. We’ll devise a plan that will help you take on the world by engaging with one consumer at a time.