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You: A business who’s making it your business to reach other businesses. You’re a law firm, a construction company, a provider of office technology, some other such similar enterprise or a futuristic new endeavor the likes of which we can hardly begin to imagine. Your priorities include communicating more effectively with your employees and increasing your awareness of how you’re perceived by the public, competitors and potential new business prospects.

Us: We’ll be your internal communications coach, your social media sensai. While you might be interested in using channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn to reach prospects, you need to be listening to what’s being said about your company across such crucial social networks. We’ll train you on how to monitor them, and when and how best to engage. We can also help you to use similar tools to become a more coherent team, as well as providing the research and recommendations that will sharpen your internal communications to a diamond-like edge.