REPOST: Cool Spaces: AM:PM PR’s Southeast pride (Photos)

Earlier today our office was featured in The Portland Business Journal for our “Cool Space.” We’ve linked to the original piece and reposted much of the article below and hope y’all find the opportunity to make your way in here someday, either through our Speakeasy events or otherwise.

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Cool Spaces: AM:PM PR’s Southeast pride (Photos)

You can tell a lot about a company from its entryway.

Walking into AM:PM PR’s Southeast Clinton Street offices, for instance, one barely feels as if they’ve entered an interior space. The floor plan revolves around natural light, conveyed by the firm’s (it shares the space with the tech firm 7/APPS) massive north-facing windows.

The firm occupies a neat space in the Cyrk Building, owned by Will Emery and Bonnie Serkin. DECA Architects designed the office while B & G Builders, with a eye on using sustainable materials, built it.

It’s a keenly planned layout that evokes its Southeast Portland environs (many of the materials are recycled or repurposed) as well as AM:PM PR’s sense of fun (an image of firm co-owner Pat McCormick depicts his penchant for wearing socks with sandals).

Click on this link for more glimpses of the AM:PM PR and 7/APPS space.