One Direction Pops-Up in Portland


One Direction World

Stage 5, an Australian-based merchandising company, approached AM:PM PR to execute a public relations campaign to support the grand opening and three-week duration of One Direction’s pop-up store at Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland, Oregon.

One Direction World Website:

Our Task

Our Challenges

  • Stage5 contacted AM:PM PR with an urgent need only two weeks before the planned opening.
  • One Direction (1D) wouldn’t be touring through portland and wouldn’t be available to Portland media for interviews.
  • The merchandise sold in the store was available at other stores in the mall for ½ the price.
  • Unfamiliar with Portland, the Australian team chose the morning of the Grand Floral Parade of the Rose Festival to launch their store, which was sandwiched inside the parade route, making parking near the store impossible.

Our Strategy

Our goal was to foster media partnerships to promote the store opening and create buzz to increase awareness of the pop-up store during the three weeks the store was open, while engaging 1D fans through social media to increase exposure. AM:PM PR used a combination of media relations, advertising and social media to implement its campaign.

Our Results

  • We built relationships with three of the most popular Portland radio stations and those stations ended up offering more than $50,000 worth of free radio advertisements broadcast over 150 times during a period of three weeks.
  •  More than 100 fans lined up for the opening morning despite the parade shutting down adjacent city streets.
  • We earned two feature articles in The Oregonian and one in Oregon Business.
  • Facebook interactions increased 5-fold.

Skills Involved

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Relationship Building
  • Event Promotion