Integrated Engagement

Every component of your outreach augments the rest. We’ll help you maintain a consistent voice and enhance your outreach.

Social Networking

Whether you want us to manage your social engagement for you, or simply train you to do it yourself, we can demystify the experience and accelerate your presence.


These days, folks don’t like to feel “marketed to.” They want to be part of a conversation about your products. From social media to search engine optimization, from website conceptualization to traditional media, we get your products, services and messages into the conversation.

Internal Communications

Employees are your greatest ambassadors. External communications won’t be effective without employee engagement. We can help you overcome internal roadblocks, whether generational, technological or other. Happy employees make for a more profitable company.

Editorial Relations

Are you looking for support from the media on an important issue? We can get you in front of editorial boards, help draft editorial opinion pieces and ensure your message is effective.

Media Training

We make you look good. As the shape of media changes, it’s important to know which techniques change with it and which stay the same. You’ll be prepared for whatever questions come your way, regardless of the medium.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Your website is only as good as potential customers’ ability to find it. We can help increase your site’s rank and searchability, so it appears where most people are looking. From researching key words and phrases to link building, copy writing and organic optimization, we put your business on the maps that matter.

Media and Blogger Relations

From traditional media outreach to forming personal relationships with the next generation of newsmakers, we’ll get your company’s latest development to the best storyteller for the job.

Qualitative Research

Get an in-depth understanding of your internal and external issues. We ask the questions that will help you plot the most strategic course forward.

Communications Audit

Research is a crucial component of forming any new communications strategy. We examine it all, from press releases to marketing materials, social engagement, blogger relations, etc. Then, we’ll help you decide what’s working and what isn’t, and make the future triumphant.

Strategic Counsel

At AM:PM, we’re all about strategy. Pat loves to say that humans are given two ears and one mouth for a reason. We’ll listen well to your goals, and offer you the best strategy for reaching them.

Crisis Communications

Do you need help out of a sticky situation? We do that. Pat and Allison McCormick have been helping companies navigate rough waters for years. They can also help you be prepared for the crisis before it happens.

Online Video

Nobody can promise that your video will go viral. But we can promise to be creative and make the clip that best suits your brand and needs. We love telling stories, and whether it’s via YouTube or your own website, we’ll aid you in getting your story heard.


Like to party in style? Us too, but we’re willing to take a break to help you plan your special event. Whether you’re a big company looking to celebrate your 100th anniversary or a neighborhood business hosting your grand opening, we’ll make it rock. Or roll, if that’s what you’re into.

Want to make “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” look like the end credits of “Strangers With Candy”? We put the pop in your lock and the pep in your power step. OK, not really, but we can dream, can’t we.

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