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Cute animal blah blah blah

The other day around the office, we were discussing what makes for a successful viral video. Like the true professionals we are, after hours of thoughtful analysis, we hit upon the answer of “cute animals.” As a purely scientific experiment, we decided to make some example videos, just to see what happens. I’m posting mine today, and then Alexis will follow suit shortly. Allison will finish up our experiment with a bang on Friday. Stay tuned, and try not to die of sugar shock.

Oh, and one last thing. Yes, I’m aware this first offering has vertical video syndrome. It was the only way to catch Sophie, my wife’s and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in all of her vertical tap-dancing glory. Also, notice the ensemble, specially designed to keep the ice cream off of her lustrous and dreadlocks-prone black coat.

Happy viewing.

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