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Credit unions need to keep it real to woo Gen Y from banks

Gen Y respects authenticity. Authenticity can be dorky, but it’s still hip. If you want to be listened to, be real. This generation can see through B.S. Where are they? On their phones. They are more than half of mobile users in the US. Also nicknamed the Connecteds and Net Generation, they’re almost all socially networked. They do everything online, including research before buying.

We’re Better at PR Than “Finding Dates”

There’s nobody at home waiting for us so you can rest assured we’ll devote the time necessary to make sure your message is received by the right people.  In the second installment of our “We’re better at PR than…” videos, we give our best attempt at finding a date.

Collaboration – We like it this way

When our team decided to spin out and start our own thing, we wanted everything to be new and we wanted everything to be “us.” Our most enjoyable and successful experiences had been through collaboration. From day one, we decided to collaborate on everything. We brainstormed our mission together. We decided on open office space where we would sit around one table, without offices that separated us from each other. We shopped for office furniture together and covered our walls in white boards for our many spontaneous brainstorms.