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Like the students of online trends that we are, we’re always investigating what’s most popular and grabs the most attention online. This conveniently often leads us to videos of cute animals and funny kids, or funny animals and cute kids. Either way, we win.

If you’ve been following along with us this week, we’ve been taking a break from our normally nutritious blog programming to bring you some cute animal videos. For the third and final part (for now!) in this series, we bring you a whole other kind of animal, our intern and my daughter, Meagan.

Back when she was 4, Meagan was quite particular about how she liked her ketchup, and she makes that abundantly clear in this video. While mom was away, grandma and sister Molly decided to record the wee one so that they could show her an example of her temper tantrums after she’d calmed down. This might not be Meagan at her cutest, but it undeniably finds her at her funniest, even if it isn’t intentional.

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