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Visualize your Facebook friendship

Have you ever thought about your friendship with someone and said to yourself “I wonder what our friendship would look like visually?” Neither did I until I stumbled upon a somewhat buried feature on Facebook called “See Friendship.”


To access this feature:
1. Go to any friend’s timeline page in Facebook.
2. Select the gear box in the upper right corner of the page, next to the message button.
3. Select “See Friendship.”

Once you select this feature, Facebook creates a page titled “You and _____” (the blank being your friend). On this page you will find: all of the photos that you and your friend are tagged in, wall posts on each other’s pages, events you have both attended, a mutual friends list, and what likes you both share.

Whether or not this is useful feature is up for argument, but if nothing else it can be entertaining. Have fun.

example page screenshot

An example page with my cousin and I.