Having A Hard Time Earning Media Coverage? Take a simple stress test!

Having a hard time earning media coverage? Here are some simple tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Spielman: Our Team Stops in for Coffee, Bagels, and Second Breakfast

We worked up a frenzy of appetite and decided to take an impromptu office field trip a few blocks to Spielman Bagels and Coffee Roasters.

7 Tips for Landing an Out-of-State Job

7 Tips for Landing an Out-of-State Job from intern Dustin Nelson, who moved to Portland from his home state of Montana.

AM:PM PR Employee to Raise Funds for Bosnian Flood Relief

AM:PM PR employee Mike Phillips reunites with his band, The Fenbi International Superstars, to raise money for Bosnian flood relief efforts.

“I Graduated, Joined PR Circus” – New Intern Dustin Nelson

Dustin Nelson graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Montana and joined the wily AM:PM PR circus.

REPOST: Cool Spaces: AM:PM PR’s Southeast pride (Photos)

AM:PM PR was featured in the Portland Business Journal section titled: Cool Spaces. Check out this post to get a good look at our office.

Keys to Making Your Business Presentations Sparkle

AM:PM PR recently attended a conference focusing on storytelling as a tool to convey messaging to target audiences to improve business presentations.

Come One, Come All

Join the circus as our PR intern!

AM:PM PR is looking for a summer intern to join our troupe at the Cyrk. Our ideal candidate understands PR fundamentals, has excellent communications skills and can perform magic.

New Data Demonstrates Teens Not Abandoning Facebook

The following article, found at www.convinceandconvert.com was too grand not to share with the AM:PM PR audience. It shows that despite the preponderance of teen ire directed at the platform, “teens not abandoning Facebook.” Facebook hasn’t lost favor with our most emotionally maligned members of society. In fact, teen usage is up. For more read below or visit: www.convinceandconvert.com. […]

Google Phishing – No, This Isn’t A Post About Jam Bands

Google Phishing Scam – an example on how to protect yourself against a Google Drive phishing scam on the internet.

Fifty Licks (or 100, please?)

It’s been a while since the AM:PM PR crew has updated the masses with a note on what’s happening in our ‘hood. We’re hoping to rectify that. Enter: Fifty Licks. As one would imagine by its name – it’s an ice cream shop that we’re lucky enough to be just across the street from. They […]

SEMPDX: 4 Takeaways From Portland’s Digital Marketing Event

SEMPDX was held at the former Governor Hotel last Friday with digital marketing professionals discussing the latest in the field of search engine marketing.

Reading Event at AM:PM PR on Thursday – Please Join!

Oregon Book Award winner Ismet Prcic joins AM:PM PR for a reading event, discussing his award-winning book “Shards.”

AM:PM PR’s Mike Phillips Attends Astoria’s Fisherpoets Gathering

Mike Phillips attends Astoria, Oregon’s Fisherpoets Gathering featuring fishermen from across North America, and celebrating one of the oldest professions.

City Reader Offers Respite For Journalists, PR Professionals

With a handmade sign that reads “The City Reader” and an enthusiasm for selling her product, Karin was refreshingly excited about her media collection.