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Fifty Licks (or 100, please?)

It’s been a while since the AM:PM PR crew has updated the masses with a note on what’s happening in our ‘hood. We’re hoping to rectify that. Enter: Fifty Licks. As one would imagine by its name – it’s an ice cream shop that we’re lucky enough to be just across the street from. They […]

North St. Bags

It’s no secret the AM:PM PR crew loves its neighborhood. While we typically talk up the local bars and eateries, there are other less calorically detrimental businesses that we think are equally neat. Just up Clinton St. from our offices, perfectly positioned just off one of SE Portland’s main bike boulevards on 23rd and SE Clinton, is the factory showroom of North St Bags – a really cool bike bag and accessory company.

Clinton Street Roundup – Part One

We’re all nestled in to our new home at the Cyrk Building. While we’ll miss our lovely neighbors in the Buckman neighborhood, we’re excited to be starting our new life as part of vibrant SE Clinton Street. In typical AM:PM PR fashion we’ve already busied ourselves trying the various cafes and restaurants in the area. […]

Introducing Mike Phillips, Lion Tamer.

  With the bittersweet news this week that Jake Ten Pas, our beloved Minister of Propaganda, is leaving us, comes one rosy reason to recognize that we have the luck of the Irish. Longtime AM:PM PR friend, Mike Phillips will be joining our merry band of characters as we move in to our new space on […]

5 tips for tip-top media outreach

Media relations has always been a central part of what public relations is all about. Unfortunately for those working in PR and companies looking to tell their own stories, media outlets are no longer the same beasts we used to know. Newspapers and other print and online media have ever-shrinking staff, which is responsible for […]

10 Tips for a Perfect Party

We’ve all been to particularly fun events that leave us wishing they lasted a few hours longer. We’ve also been to some that can’t get over quick enough. Here are some fundamentals to keep in mind when planning an important event. They’ll help make sure that your party falls into the former category. 1. Location, […]

Top 5 Pawsitively Purrfect Cat Videos

It’s a well-known fact around the office that I’m a bit of a cat lady. When I say “a bit,” I suppose I mean a total, unabashed cat lady. My fellow AM:PM PR team members have to deal with the repercussions of this fact on a frequent basis. Sometimes it’s in the form of mundane tales […]

Sprouting awareness of your social presence

Have you ever wondered where you stand with regards to your – or perhaps your business’ – social media presence? Let’s just pretend you answered yes. If you ever do find yourself longing to find an answer to such a question, I have found a solution: Sprout Social. Sprout Social is a great new web-based […]