Introducing Mike Phillips, Lion Tamer.



Mike visiting Bey Mosque in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Legend says if you drink the water, you will have to return someday. He was doing research for a book project.

With the bittersweet news this week that Jake Ten Pas, our beloved Minister of Propaganda, is leaving us, comes one rosy reason to recognize that we have the luck of the Irish.

Longtime AM:PM PR friend, Mike Phillips will be joining our merry band of characters as we move in to our new space on February 1. He’s been a regular fixture at PR 3.0 gatherings, but he also worked with us at our previous firm. We’ve always hoped to be able to talk him into joining our circus.

Since his internship with the McCormicks five years ago, Mike’s explored the ins and outs of public relations working with regional wineries, restaurants, travel and tourism bureaus, and a national food client.

More recently, Mike’s built a healthy practice in book marketing and publicity through work with several publishing companies. His book marketing specialty work, known as The Neo Com Group, will continue in addition to his AM:PM PR practice.

Mike’s Irish ancestry alone would make him a great match for us. Among his many talents, Mike is an accomplished musician, long leading a local band, the Fenbi International Superstars. His Irish music prowess will add more energy to our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, this year (March 15) celebrating the opening of our new space on SE 20th and Clinton.

Mike will join AM:PM PR in an account manager, client development role we like to call “Lion Tamer.” We look forward to working with him again and know you’ll appreciate his creativity and warm personality as much as we do.