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Browser browsing: Not just for web designers anymore

by Cam Clark

Today’s blog is a bit of a PSA for all of you lovely people out there. You may or may not know that, just as you need to change the oil in your car regularly, you should be updating your web browser regularly, as well. “But why?” you ask.

browse happy
The number one reason is that using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. Older browsers lack proper or full web standards compliance. Some older browsers have implemented web standards incorrectly, and new web standards are being introduced all the time. This allows web designers’ work to be increasingly creative and efficient, and it greatly enhances your web browsing experience.

Another reason is that while all web browsers will get you to the web, they all do it a little differently and with their own flair. Go ahead and give some of the alternatives a test drive. You might be surprised that you like what you find. I keep at least the top three web browsers installed on my computer at all times. When I come across a web site that is not quite working right, I can load it up in another browser and it usually works fantastically.

So, how do I find the latest and greatest in browsing nirvana? I would like to introduce you to

According to the site, “Browse Happy is a way for you to find out what are the latest versions of the major browsers around. You can also learn about alternative browsers that may fit you even better than the one you are currently using.”

This concludes my technology PSA for today. Just remember Browse Happy, my friends.

browse happy my friends