Pat Dooris in the KGW-TV news room.

Speakeasy Guest – KGW’s Pat Dooris on Pitching TV Media

Modern media may require you or a client to be on TV. In most cases you only have a few minutes, or even a few seconds to make an impression and you don’t want to say the wrong thing.

Veteran TV reporter Pat Dooris, October’s Speakeasy featured guest, shares what the media wants from an interview. How can you prepare? What should you expect? What should you look forward to and what should you fear?

Dooris shares what it’s like on his side of the news and what kind of pitches pique his interest. What kinds of stories get through at KGW? How should you focus your pitch?

Pat Dooris has worked in TV News for 29 years. He’s interviewed more than 29,000 people and done at least 17,000 live shots. If there’s a mistake to be made he’s probably done it. But he’s also won awards including two Northwest Emmies along with awards from the Oregon Association of Broadcasters and even a National UPI award.

Yep, United Press International. He’s been reporting that long.

Pat is a reporter at KGW TV. He’s married with two sons and two cats and lives in Northeast Portland.

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