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Top Admiral offers communications advice all CEOs should read and heed

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary RoughheadI’m grateful for Saturday’s blog post with communications advice from social media guru Brian Solis. It includes the full text of remarks by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughhead delivered June 6 at the National Summit on Strategic Communications.

His is the most articulate case I’ve seen any chief executive make for the importance of incorporating social networking into an organization’s strategic communications.

He understands one inexorable reality: “For whether we embrace the fundamental communications changes underway today or not, our talented young workforce not only embraces them, they know nothing else.”

And he’s clear about what it means for those who head organizations:  “As leaders, then, it’s not enough that we keep pace with these changes – we must lead the change.”

He grasps a key point we have tried to make clear to executives we counsel. Employees can and should be a major part of your communications team. “I submit to you that in today’s media environment, as leaders – whether we recognize it or not – we are no longer simply leading a workforce of employees or, in my case, Sailors. We are leading a workforce of communicators.”

“Many of our organizations have focused on leaders as communicators. Now, we have the chance to be leaders of communicators.”

I highly recommend you read all of Admiral Roughead’s remarks.  (Here is a pdf of the speech:Admiral Roughead speech 6-6-11.)