Recent Developments in Online Video Services

Like a fidgety toddler at a Yo Gabba Gabba! concert, social media just can’t quit moving around and big changes are always underway. I’ve been monitoring online video sharing services, mostly because like Yo Gabba Gabba!, I am trying to wrap my brain around them. I am starting to wonder if maybe these new developments aren’t intended for me? Below I’ve taken the time to share some anecdotal observations related to the latest in online video services.


vine video Twitter.

Depending upon your definition of “interesting”, in recent months social media companies are doing some interesting things with video. One such video service is Vine, an app that launched last year and was subsequently purchased by Twitter for $30 million. If you aren’t familiar with Vine, it is an app that allows users to create and upload 6-second video clips that loop endlessly (kinda like GIFs). This app has spawned a whole new category of Vine celebrities, mostly responsible for videos like this one. The usefulness of Vine is currently being debated by arm-chair social media experts across North America, but if you find a use for it, please comment below!


Screen-Shot-2013-07-16-at-2.22.40-PM-150x132Instagram. Video.

Late last month the world of short video clips was TURNED ON ITS HEAD when Instagram created a video service of its own, only their service offers up to 15-seconds of video viewing pleasure. Check out this awesome video. It’s worth noting, like the Instagram example I’ve shared, that I also made an awesome 15-second video of fish in an aquarium, only I used YouTube. This was many years ago. And before Vine and Instagram get into an arms race over video length, I’d like to remind everyone that YouTube has been offering 15-minute video uploads for years now.



Vizify is a company based in Portland that uses images and graphs to create online narratives for users drawing from available online content. Last month they jumped on the video scene with a service that compiles information from a users Twitter profile, and uses that data to create a video compilation to give a more rounded summary of that user. Click to view mine.


vizify video

Note: Vizify was purchased by Yahoo in March 2014

This is my favorite online video development in recent months, and I think it has some value. If you are an individual with a personal brand, you can tweak your Vizify video to show who you are and what you’re all about. Granted, I suppose the creator of the Vine video example is doing that as well …

We’re really curious to learn if you’re using any of these video services, or others, and if you’ve found success in doing so. Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

Other Social Media Updates: Facebook.

Earlier this week we noticed that Facebook is now allowing users to upload their own photos to posts, whereas before Facebook automatically pulled photos from the page of the related link. This is relieving news for social media managers or small business owners who’ve posted to Facebook, only to watch in frustration as undesirable or pixelated photos appeared beside their desired link.

AMPM:PR. 3.0 Re-Branding.
Due to our move earlier this year, PR 3.0 has taken a seat on the back burner. Now that we’re getting back in the swing of things we’re ready to start it up again, but we’re also looking to rename this gathering to reflect our deeper interest for all things PR. We’ll still enjoy adult beverages while focusing on the latest developments in social media, but we’re also welcoming a deeper conversation on the industry in which we work. Therefore, we need a creative name to reflect this new direction. Here are some of our best ideas:

Drinking and Thinking

Thinking and Drinking


Ok, we’ve got nothing. What do you guys think? Anything jumping out at you?

Twitter puts it all out on the Vine

You may have heard of micro processors, micro blogging and micro machines – but have you heard of micro video? Well if Twitter has its way, their acquisition of a new company called Vine will help them branch out to the next big thing … an app that allows you to share 6-second video clips.

I can hear your eyes rolling from my office. In fact, you may be asking, “Cam, why should I pay attention to yet another app?”

Here’s why:

Debuting on January 24th, this product has already caused quite a stir in the social media world. In two weeks, online Vine users shared 113,897 videos on Twitter on over a single weekend. That’s over 2,000 videos every hour.

Major brands like Urban Outfitters, Lucky Magazine, GAP, Red Vines, Moose Tracks, Coke-a-Cola and Pepsi have already put up videos.

Brands are currently using this format to demonstrate how their products work, to hold contests and to share creative content that they hope will resonate and connect them with their target audience. Still skeptical? Check out three of my favorite videos, and perhaps I can change your mind.





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