A Smarter House of Cards

CardStarI’ve never been one to bother with loyalty rewards programs even though I’d probably benefit from them considering my propensity for excessive shopping. But with the addition of a Smartphone to my life – and the creation of a free, user-friendly application like CardStar – I find myself toying with the idea of spending my weekend making the rounds of local stores and actually signing up for each of their respective loyalty rewards cards.

Similar to the idea in Jake’s blog entry last week, it seems new technology can have a real impact on our day-to-day behaviors. Something I was never interested in, has now become more attractive in electronic form. I always hated the idea of having a bunch of extra plastic cards taking up valuable space in my wallet.

That’s where I keep pictures of my cat Gus.

The idea of tapping a few buttons on my Smartphone and simultaneously earning shopping points AND Foursquare points, on the other hand, makes me just itch to head to my local Fred Meyer for some additional cat-themed accoutrements I don’t need.

How about you? Have you noticed any other fantastical, amazingly stupendous, ways in which your Smartphone and its apps have changed the way you do things and the things you’re willing to do?

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  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    The future of frequent shopper cards is here! We have had some great response to the customers using some of the apps, here in little ole’ Bend. I will say that it does limit some of the RFID features, that are embedded into the card, a retailer using only this technology may have some trouble. So glad we have both, barcode, and RFID! Great post guys!

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