changing of the guard

The Changing of an Era?

Dominic Basulto’s blog yesterday at saw the changing of an era in the confluence of events last weekend.

10 Tips for a Perfect Party

We’ve all been to particularly fun events that leave us wishing they lasted a few hours longer. We’ve also been to some that can’t get over quick enough. Here are some fundamentals to keep in mind when planning an important event. They’ll help make sure that your party falls into the former category. 1. Location, […]

The (millennial) Kids Aren’t Al(ways)right

by Jake Ten Pas If you’ve been reading the blogs of my boss, Pat McCormick, then you know he’s an optimist who views the younger millennial generation’s contributions to evolving communication trends with open-minded anticipation. He bucks the stereotype of the technophobic member of the silent generation, and it’s this spirit of enthusiasm and youthful […]

Distillers at AM:PM PR's first anniversary party

First Anniversary Party Video

Scenes from AM:PM PR’s first anniversary party mingle with fire chief Pat McCormick’s speech to the friends, clients and family that showed up to support us and the community that is our home. Included among the participants were members of Distillery Row, Cascade Brewing, Zanzibar Cellars, Eat Your Heart Out Catering, Phoogoo, and the creative minds associated with PoBoy Art and Chris Haberman Art.

stick stock kids

Young millennial pros teaching new tricks to old marketers

I confess that I’m obsessive about how millennials are changing how we all communicate. In an interesting Advertising Age article last week, MTV senior VP of strategic consumer insights and research Nick Shore outlined lessons marketers can learn from the “digilife” of Gen Y (born 1977-1997). Generation Y grew up in a digital world. Their […]


We’re Better at PR than… “Yoga”

In the latest installment of AM:PM PR’s “We’re Better at PR” series of videos, the gang tackles yoga.

AM:PM PR original crew

AM:PM PR rings in a year of doing public relations their way

Portland, OR-based public communications team AM:PM PR celebrates a year of doing things differently during a time of economic uncertainty. Public Relations veterans Allison and Pat McCormick left a more traditional, established firm in a downtown high rise in favor of Portland’s Central Eastside.

AM:PM PR team celebrates

Not-So-Horrible Bosses

My current bosses, a plucky father-and-daughter team that gave me a shot at the glamorous world of public relations when I was still just a street urchin.

ampmpr team firehouse

AM:PM PR – still standing! Yeah, yeah yeah!

fluxby Jake Ten Pas While it’s only been 10 months since our launch party, it’s been a full year since the actual launch of this crazy public relations space ship we call AM:PM PR. Sure, there have been a few asteroids, black holes, unhappy aliens and bounty hunters with personal vendettas along the way, but […]


Facebook wakes Google’s sleeping beast – Google+

I just finished reading a great article by Steven Levey over at Wired on the back story of Google’s most recent push into social networking, Google+. It’s a lengthy piece, but I would definitely recommend the read.

AM:PM PR original crew

A year of fun in the ‘hood

The top topic buzzing around our office lately is our upcoming first birthday bash . Like our launch party last year, we plan to highlight the wonderful wares of our neighborhood – distillers, caterers, brewers, bakers, artists, winemakers and more. As much as I’m looking forward to the party, looking back over the past year […]

The wisdom and wise words of Dr. Suess

Five Dr. Seuss Quotes with PR Lessons

Dr. Seuss’s wise words for the young and old can be applied to every part of life – even in the PR business. Some of his best quotes have PR lessons within.

Top 5 Pawsitively Purrfect Cat Videos

It’s a well-known fact around the office that I’m a bit of a cat lady. When I say “a bit,” I suppose I mean a total, unabashed cat lady. My fellow AM:PM PR team members have to deal with the repercussions of this fact on a frequent basis. Sometimes it’s in the form of mundane tales […]

Sprouting awareness of your social presence

Have you ever wondered where you stand with regards to your – or perhaps your business’ – social media presence? Let’s just pretend you answered yes. If you ever do find yourself longing to find an answer to such a question, I have found a solution: Sprout Social. Sprout Social is a great new web-based […]

Know Before You Go (A Closer Look at the Supportland Card)

The AM:PM PR team recently held one of its weekly PR 3.0 meetings at a spot close to our offices called Madison’s Grill. We likely would have picked this location anyway, due to its proximity and ability to accommodate large groups. But throw a free plate of delicious nachos into the mix for just checking in, and we couldn’t get there fast enough.