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Voxer’s new app is a “10-4, good buddy”

Voxer is a walkie talkie application for smartphones that lets you send instant audio, text, photo and location messages to one or a group of your friends.

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My 12 expectations for 2012

As I look forward to 2012, here’s a short list of my PR, social media and technology expectations for the year. 1. Counsel will be king. PR firms wrestle with their responsibilities as new tools and technologies reshape how people communicate. PRSA, the largest association of PR professionals, recently launched a “Public Relations Defined” conversation […]

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5 reasons to say “Viva la Television Revolution”

  by Cam Clark Viva la Television Revolution! TV has come a long way since 1926. If you think of the DVR as the Wright brothers’ airplane, then we are on the cusp of the jet engine of TV – a fundamental shift in how we consume, interact with and distribute video media. If you […]

digital rain

Goodbye paper calendar, hello digital everything!

The year 2011 has been one of transition in many respects. I weaned myself off of a paper calendar/planner that weighed at least three lbs. and was made of red leather (and I loved every ounce of it).

Gen Y - brand agnostics and savvy

Credit unions need to keep it real to woo Gen Y from banks

Gen Y respects authenticity. Authenticity can be dorky, but it’s still hip. If you want to be listened to, be real. This generation can see through B.S. Where are they? On their phones. They are more than half of mobile users in the US. Also nicknamed the Connecteds and Net Generation, they’re almost all socially networked. They do everything online, including research before buying.

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Grimm tidings to you, Sam and Dean

by Jake Ten Pas Portland has been all a-Twitter about NBC’s new supernatural/fairy-tale-based thriller Grimm filming in town, and with good reason. Given Oregon’s abyss of joblessness, we’ll take any employment we can get. Secondly, for those of us who are tired of unimaginative reality TV, the recent slew of horror, fantasy and sci-fi themed options […]

5 things Occupy Portland needs to do to make a difference

I find the Occupy (insert your city name here) movement intriguing. And I’ve pondered what I’d do if the group were a client. I thought more about it after getting an email last week from an Occupy Portland participant sent to several other Portland PR firms, including AM:PM PR. “Occupy Portland has recently formed a […]

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Explaining to our host my issue with most Thai joints’ underestimation of my threshold for pain, I was met with eyes that said they’d heard it all before. I was told that I should probably order a level two on my green curry to match other restaurants’ level 5. Full of the sin of pride, I ordered a level three and braced myself.

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Twitter becoming critical tool for crisis communications

by Camrick Clark As any firefighter will tell you, the best way to put out a fire is to prevent it. But when something does catch on fire, a quick first response can help keep things from going up in flames. Using Twitter for crisis communications is fast becoming a critical component in any company’s strategy. […]

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Facebook Profile changes to Timeline

This Wednesday, Facebook will release the new “Timeline” to the masses to what will, more than likely, be mixed reactions.

Just like a AM:PM PR Speakeasy roundtable

The Best King Arthur Story Ever – The 442

After Sir Lamorak was beheaded (this is only one version of the story, mind you), Arthur decided that it’s just much easier to have a conversation if everybody is seated in a circle. A large circular table was constructed, gravy was passed without bloodshed, and they all lived happily ever after.

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NFC – Tap to change the world (and your wallet)

I have liked what I have seen from the world of Near Field Communications (NFC). NFC is a short-range wireless technology already used throughout the world today

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Top Admiral offers communications advice all CEOs should read and heed

I’m grateful for Saturday’s blog post with communications advice from social media guru Brian Solis. It includes the full text of remarks by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughhead delivered June 6 at the National Summit on Strategic Communications.


Building the Perfect Spokesthing

Being the irreverent sorts they are, Odenkirk and Cross used it to poke fun at marketing/advertising types, and they hit the nail on the head. I won’t link to the sketch in question here because it is full to bursting with foul language, but if you desire to seek it out, I certainly won’t try to stop you.

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Browser browsing: Not just for web designers anymore

You may or may not know that, just as you need to change the oil in your car regularly, you should be updating your web browser regularly