karly tarsia account coordinator social strategist

Introducing Our New Account Coordinator and Social Strategist

Today we’d like to formally announce the addition of the newest member of the AM:PM PR team, Karly Tarsia, who is hereby officially christened as an account coordinator and social strategist.

Karly joined AM:PM PR as an intern to help with media monitoring during a fall political campaign. At the time, our office was a flurry of activity, and hundreds upon hundreds of news stories demanded her patient, meticulous attention and laborious entry into an excel document.

karly tarsia account coordinator social strategist In another early notable sacrifice, she spent election night in the basement of a Portland hotel to help prep for the release of a media statement, while the rest of the country gathered in celebration (or defeat) to learn who would become the next commander in chief. She also played a vital media relations support role during the Oregon Leadership Summit last fall, and later wrote a blog about the experience.

Karly brings a fresh millennial perspective to the team. I’ve been pleased to discover that whenever a pop culture phenomenon doesn’t make sense I can go to Karly to straighten me out (though I may never fully understand why ‘kids these days’ are paying for the Kardashian app).

Her natural instinct for strategy and her investigative approach when researching client opportunities continually demonstrates her value to us. We also noticed when she immediately set to work mentoring prospective job applicants to share job seeking advice and best practices for cover letters and resumes.

She’s adept with social media best practices and new technology. If you need to factor in a geofence with an advert for your latest Snapchat filter, we’ve got someone with a special insight. Throughout the past six-months Karly has offered a bright and refreshing intellect when discussing client projects and any manner of communication-related topics.

Welcome to the AM:PM cyrkus, Karly. We’re delighted to have you on our team.