Make an impression.

Catch attention and have a ridiculously good time

TEDx speaker, artist and corporate coach, Gary Hirsch, at AM:PM PR’s Speakeasy on involving your audience in what you do and make.

Pat Dooris in the KGW-TV news room.

Speakeasy Guest – KGW’s Pat Dooris on Pitching TV Media

Modern media may require you or a client to be on TV. In most cases you only have a few minutes, or even a few seconds to make an impression and you don’t want to say the wrong thing.

Author of "Clearly Now, The Rain" - Eli Hastings

Eli Hastings talks ‘Clearly Now, the Rain’ and the emotional challenges he faced publishing his book

After the death of his best friend and lover Serala, Eli Hastings followed through on his promise: “If you die, I’m going to write a book about you.”

Author of "Society's Breakthrough" - Jim Rough

Speakeasy with Author Jim Rough

“Society’s Breakthrough” author, Jim Rough, was AM:PM PR’s Speakeasy guest. He has been actively reforming democracy across Europe and is a speaker and innovator of the “Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council” seminar.

The first ever International Cannabis Business Conference was held in Portland in 2014

First Ever International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland

PDX hosted the first-ever International Cannabis Business Conference at the Convention Center and featured industry leaders, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and acclaimed blogger Andrew Sullivan.

Late Lights – a Novella in Stories

‘Late Lights’ Author Talks Adolescence, Challenges the Landscape for Writers Today

Late Lights by author Kara Weiss is a novella in stories has won two Indie Book Awards. Even with awards, authors face challenges promoting their books.

Ryan Block’s cringe-worthy recording of his call with a Comcast customer service representative had been played almost times

Comcast’s Teachable Moment in Customer Service

Today’s customer service extends far beyond just the one-to-one relationship businesses have with their customers. Angry customers now have larger audiences.

AM and PM discussing Comcast's damaged reputation

AM:PM PR Chiming in on KGW-TV’s Comcast Story

After a cringe-worthy customer service call with Comcast went viral, KGW-TV asked AM:PM PR what it could mean for all businesses with customer service.

Offer content that interests your audience and take the steps to optimize it.

SEO Tips From a Portland PR Firm

SEO tips for writing great web content with ranking in mind. You should not only have a content strategy, but what you share should have value for reader.

PowToon: Punch Up Your Presentations

PowToon allows you to easily become an animator and punch up your presentations by ridding yourself of boring powerpoints once and for all.

PR superhero with target

Interview Tip: Identifying Your PR Superpowers

Manipulating the weather? Super speed? Telekinesis? Writing the world’s best press release. If you had a PR super power, what would it be? We offer tips for using your super power to get the job you want.

Professional With An Edge: A Lunch Break Haircut at Rudy’s Barbershop

The first thing to know about Rudy’s is that it’s cool. If you’re looking for a serene, spa-like, salon where they serve bottles of Evian and play music by Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift, this is the wrong place for you.

Papa G’s: All Organic, All Vegan, All Delicious

Lunch is something we take very seriously here at AM:PM, and our neighborhood is full of some of the best food in town. At Papa G’s it was easy to forget about my carnivorous ways and truly enjoy one of the best lunches in a long time.

The Beer Chaser: A Tour of Pubs in Portland – Bar None!

Don “Dirt” Williams is the man using his retirement for the good of beer drinkers everywhere. We highly recommend reading Dirt’s entertaining pub stories.

Portland Does an “About Face”

D.C. Rahe Editor In Chief of About Face will be stepping out on Thursday, June 26 to talk to us at Speakeasy at the AM:PM office in Southeast Portland